Anna Lundin-Gustafsson

I am a people person and love to team up and succeed among people, team and organisations. 

The last years I have worked with Agile values and methods in large organisations as Bank and Insurance. My Project Management experiences and skills together with Lean and Agile is a great combination. 

My ambition is to make organisations grow and develop, continuously and successfully with good quality and frequent deliveries, and of course happy teams and business owners. 

The value of create great business partners, product owners and engaged team members are truly a success factor to execute and grow. 

I burn for organisations to consolidate, improve and start invest in automated testing and continuous deliveries. 

Specialties: Software Development Consultant and mentoríng 
Agile Project Management and Lean principles. SAFE and Scrum.

Susanne Sköld:

I am outgoing, humble and focused and love to have fun with my clients, team or colleagues. I create positive energy in the team and good relationships with customers. I am caring and empathetic and can get others to get people to thaw and contribute constructively.

In recent years I have worked with management and business development. It's really fulfilling to work with a team and get them to move towards the same goal and feel important.

I also have experience in software development, both as an employee, consultant and in-house.